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Did you know? The UK was in the top 20% of performers when it came to work life and wealth. Yes, that is why most students and aspirants love to move to the UK to build their fortune. If you look closely to a reports of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, you will find that the UK is one of the best places to live and work. 

Some of the most promising factors that contribute 

Indeed, it is immune crisis and has some of the most wonderful talents of the world. Some of the most promising factors that contribute to the overall success of the UK are housing, health, income, jobs, community, education, engineering, environment, etc. Students can easily enter into the UK through the Global Talent Visa (earlier known as Tier 1 Exceptional Talent) with the assistance of any consultancy to live their dreams. 

The UK boasts the best environment to 

Besides all these, the UK boasts the best environment to learn, work and grow. Indeed, the education and work dimension is quite vast and enable UK to lead other countries. The reason being the UK invite and welcome top talents from across the world to come here and explore opportunities. Foreign people perceive UK people as over-polite, passionate, energetic, helpful and discreet; that is why they choose UK to learn, live and grow. 

You will be surprised to know that The United Kingdom was the best performing countries when it came to water quality. 97% of people appreciated the quality of the water that they had access to. (source) There are many more things and facts as well as statistics that proves that this country is worth living.