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We know that if you found your way here, you are a dreamer and an achiever. You have an idea that you want to make a reality, and maybe you have even heard about all the money being poured into UK start-ups. Well, you are on the right track! Right now, there seems there is no better place in the world to start a new business (or scale up an existing one) than the UK where the start-up and scaleup ecosystem alone is currently valued at £585 billion.

First things first, though… if you are not from the UK, you will need a visa to begin your new business venture, which means that you will need an endorsement. Luckily for you, the experts at T1 Digital have years of experience in finding the best route to endorsement approvals. We have successfully supported hundreds (700+) of exceptional people from across a variety of industries to evolve their careers in the UK’s fantastic economy. We have an imppressive 100% success rate for all Start-up visa endorsements to date. 

Here we explain how YOU could become a successful endorsement applicant…

Who exactly is a UK Start-up visa for?

This visa category is aimed at new entrepreneurs wishing to kick-start their first business in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, making it ideal for those wanting to:

  • make a change
  • start a new company
  • bring an innovative idea to life
  • enable a better future
  • have a positive impact
  • create their own legacy
Key eligibility requirements

Amongst the criteria that applicants must meet in order to successfully apply for a Start-up visa, following are the three main points to consider.
Applicants must…

  • ... have an endorsement from an approved endorsing body that assesses their business plan. This assessment establishes that the business is innovative, viable and scalable.​
  • ... be at least 18 years old and competent in the English language to at least CEFR Level B2 (equivalent to IELTS 5.5 in reading, writing, listening, and speaking)
  • ... be aware that funding is not necessary as there are no education or initial funding requirements for endorsement.
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What you can do with a Start-up visa
  • Bring your partner and children with you as your dependents, if they are eligible
  • Work in another job, as well as working for your business
  • Travel abroad and return to the UK
What you cannot do with a Start-up visa
  • Apply for most benefits (public funds), or the State Pension
  • Work as a professional sportsperson, for example, a sports coach or pro player
  • Settle in the UK with this visa
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UK Start-up Visa?
Did you know...

After a period of time, Start-up visa residents may be able to switch to the Innovator visa category in order to extend their stay and further develop their business ambitions in the UK.

Visit our UK Innovator visa page for more details.

What we can do to help you get your UK Start-up visa

Our team of endorsement specialists can leverage their years of experience to help you navigate the bureaucracy and get the visa endorsement approval you need.

Scope of services
  • Our team of experienced business professionals will assess your business plan for viability of endorsement
  • We offer complete Idea Development to meet the three main endorsement requirements - Innovative, Viable, Scalable
  • Entrepreneur skills development and coaching from our experts
  • Exclusive pitching and presentation of your start-up idea to the endorsing body
  • Professional coaching to prepare you for your final panel interview and guide you to get the desired result
Benefits we offer
  • We work to make sure your business plan is ready for presenting, and meets or exceeds all requirements.
  • This visa is for 2-years and allows you to switch to other valid visa categories, mid-term or on expiration.
  • Our services provide peace-of-mind, and let you focus on your business, family, or relocation instead of visa paperwork.
  • We can find ways of relating your skills, experience, and achievements that may have been overlooked, to further enrich and develop your business portfolio.
  • We understand how important these applications are, and we will do everything possible to be available at your service to answer your questions, address any concerns, offer advice and provide guidance.
No-win-no-fee guarantee
  • We develop your business idea and present it to the endorsing body. To start the process, an initial deposit of £1500 is required upfront.
  • Once the endorsement body approves the business idea, our team of experts would progress with the networking and guidance stage for the business plan for which you would be invoiced £2500.
  • Once your start-up has secured endorsement, we bill the final deposit of £2500 in the final invoice and ensure delivery of endorsement.

We offer 3-tier outcome based pricing and are very confident that we can get the result you desire, however in the event of no endorsement, we will provide a full refund (100%)

We measure our success by the number of lives that we have a positive impact on

We are very proud of our track record in obtaining successful visa endorsement applications and five star reviews over the years. 

In addition to the wonderful testimonials and Google reviews that we regularly receive, we are pleased to share the following statistics with you:

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Here are just some feedback comments from our loyal customers:
Thank you very much T1 Digital team for guiding me all the way through endorsement process by providing valuable input and review comments. It wouldn't have been possible without your help!
Vishal Kulkarni
Very professional and quite thorough in their approach. Their experience of what works and how to present it as evidence is the key to success.
Dinesh Mohan
Highly professional and very dedicated. It is the little things/words that make all the difference. T1DC get the best out of you, their response time is quick and it is the confidence they show in you that keeps you going through the process. Thank you to the entire team for helping me through this journey.
Navjot Gill
Thanks to their specialists, I can continue to progress in the UK's highly competitive FinTech marketplace. I will recommend their support to anybody considering to pursue their career in the UK tech sector.
Navjot Gill
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With our no-win-no-fee guarantee, there is no need to delay your aspirations any longer.

You have the dream and we have the expertise to get you the visa endorsement you need. We can help to ensure that your idea is innovative, viable, and scalable – meeting the essential application criteria and we can make certain that the endorsing bodies see you for the true entrepreneurial business leader that you are.

Just remember that the world moves at the speed of business, and with business, acting sooner is always better than later. If you think a Start-up visa might be for you, do not put this potentially life-changing opportunity off until later; reach out to our team now!

Whether you have a simple question or a dozen documents that you need us to review, we are here to help make the visa endorsement process a breeze for you.

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