Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa – Your Journey To The Endorsement Process

With respect to the previous blog, by far you must have been understood the basics of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa for the IT talented professional in the UK. You can read it here….

This blog is focused on the more detailed process on the visa process. This starts with the endorsement stage. Read about the process and what are parameters need to be considered while choosing to apply for tier 1 exceptional talent visa. Let’s see what are the benefits of exceptional talent visa for digital technologists.

  • 1. You can change the jobs in the digital field, without additional approval from the Home Office
  • 2. You can choose to perform your voluntary work
  • 3. You can be self-employed or invest in the digital business
  • 4. You do not need a sponsor
  • 5. No funding requirement
  • 6. Relaxed English language and maintenance requirements
  • 7. You can bring your dependents or family in the UK

 This visa feels like sheer freedom for digital technologists and Tier 2 ICT visa holders who wish to settle and work in the UK. Ideally a visa dictate what all you can do in the host country. With Tier-2 visa there are restrictions and you are on employer’s mercy. On the contrary to the Tier-2 visa this Tier -1Exceptional Talent visa is designed more realistically. It is geared towards inviting talented individuals who can demonstrate technical skills in the field of information and digital technology. 

Process Of Endorsement Phase

First apply for endorsement by one of the DCB's (in a particular field linked to your area of expertise). This body will then evaluate your credentials, abilities, skills and other achievements. Based on all these criteria they will decide whether you should be endorsed or not. Please remember this is not an immigration application and it will not affect your current visa, in case you hold one. You need to submit an application to designated competent bodies (DCB) though Home Office who will further assess your credentials.

The pieces of evidence and criteria that can come under the evolution process of exceptional talent are numerous. A few are mentioned below:

  • 1. Exceptional achievement in the field of digital technology and IT
  • 2. You will have to submit the proof of you work, Recommendation Letters, for the work done; e.g. notable work done, awards, press releases, work done in other areas may be in the field of academia or others.
  • 3. You can be self-employed or invest in the digital business
  • 4. incessant learning and mastery of some new skills apart from the ones which you are doing.
  • 5. Submit proven track record in the field of innovation and digital technology if any; such as through any innovation, or founder of some organization or any patent applications, etc.

Luckily, these pieces of evidences do not get overlapped. Moreover, T1 Digital, the industry experts are there for your support and guidance on timely basis.

If you want to give it a try then reach out to us on our contact us via our website https://www.t1digitalconsultants.co.uk/, or email to us at office@t1digitalconsultants.co.uk.

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