Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa - All You Need To Know

IT professionals are very passionate individuals. Their technical skills and programming make them highly skilled individuals. Owing to this, the UK government offers Tier 1 exceptional talent visa to the individuals who are in the IT sector. Individuals who are working in information technology can apply for this visa to work and stay in the UK. UK government invite talented and erudite IT professionals and digital technology professionals to come and work in the UK, whilst contributing to the IT and digital sector.

Who All Can Apply For This Visa

Anyone who is working in the information technology sector and digital technologies from across the world can apply for Tier 1 exceptional talent visa. You can be a developer, engineer, investor, programmer, founder, CEO, CIO, VP or any other employee in the respective industry can apply for the VISA. Apart from this, your interest can vary as per the technology and digital programming like – Fintech, games, graphics, robotics, contemporary software, automation or many others. You can also switch to this Tier-1 visa from Tier-2 General and Intracompany Company Transfer (ICT) visa without leaving the UK or your current employment in the UK.

Procedure For Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa

First, you apply for endorsement stage then head to application. You can also apply for endorsement and application at the same time, but usually people go for endorsement first. Once applied for endorsement outside the UK you may get a reply from designated competent bodies (DCB) within 5-8 weeks. About the fee – there are two-staged fees, first, you have to pay for the endorsement stage and then the separate fee for the application process.

The visa is granted for up to five years. Once on the completion of three (in case of Exceptional Talent) or five years (in case of Exceptional Promise), you can apply for settlement in the UK. During this process, the person who is applying for the visa can be an employer, an employee, self-employed or can take up any employment in the classified sector at any level.

This can be a challenging process though, but having millions of IT professionals and so many talented people across the world, this opportunity to stay and work in the UK can be of a great benefit for their career.

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