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A message to our dear customers and prospective clients,

We are aware of the attack of fake 1-star reviews on our Google Reviews page from these individuals:

  • Varun Valluri
  • pavan kandireegula
  • Aneel Krishna
  • Mahmudul Hasan Hemel
  • AJ applicant

Please be assured that we are doing our utmost to have the situation remedied.

We know these to be fake reviews because they display the tell-tale signs of deliberate harmful intent and can be evidenced as such:

  1. They have occurred in quick succession
  2. They are repeating the same kind of message
  3. The “individuals” do not appear in our CRM or communications records
  4. We have no evidence of invoicing or payment transactions
  5. None of our team members have supplied these “individuals” with application support
  6. Navin has not met any of these “individuals” in person
  7. We have yet to receive any replies from any of the “individuals”

In response to these fake reviews, we would like to highlight that:

  1. Any UK Global Talent visa applicant must have a LinkedIn account, meaning that if these individuals were genuine then they would have to provide us with the link to their LinkedIn profile. We do not have evidence of these.
  2. We offer a payment structure that negates any claim of having to pay before the application process has started or of having to pay the full amount in one transaction (find out more here).
  3. All of the 5-star reviews that we have received via Google are genuine and can be proven as such as they directly corroborate with the actual visa endorsements as displayed within the case studies here.
  4. Our trusted team of UK visa endorsement specialists provide honest feedback and remain transparent at all times to every client to enable a positive outcome and desired endorsement results (find out more here).

Other than the recent 1-star fake reviews, all genuine reviews are of 5 star quality, we have no other ratings in between.

Our team is on top of these spammers and is doing everything possible to avoid such occurrences on other peoples’ businesses. We are of course immediately reporting each fake review to the authorities.

So, to summarise, the 1-star reviewers are not genuine customers, they are in fact cowardly people who are intent on deliberately harming the proven splendid results of our exceptionally dedicated team.

We have nothing to hide and we take customer feedback very seriously so if you have any concerns or questions, get in touch with our management team directly at

Thank you for your patience and many thanks for your time!

T1 Digital Consultants

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