We have achieved yet another first attempt endorsement win for a Tech Nation Global Talent Visa applicant.

Murali, a Techno-functional Digital Project Manager with an innovative product-led approach and the skills to drive successful eCommerce products, approached our visa endorsement specialists with the life-changing desire to join the UK’s bustling and progressive tech community as a fully fledged resident validated by the Home Office.

Employed by a Fortune 500 global IT services outsourcing company, whose 130,000 strong team drives business impact across the Enterprise Technology Stack, Murali serves as a channel between business owners and tech teams in translating business cases for complex customer-facing solutions.

Furthermore, Murali is a subject matter expert in Digital Commerce Platform Development, omnichannel Retail and Third-party integrations, and has global experience working with enterprise and in-house implementations and applications across the USA, UK and India.

With an invaluable understanding of the UK’s tech industry and of outsourcing companies just like the one that Murali works for, our experts were able to guide him through each stage of the process, helping to hone in on the key aspects of his career and personal profile, and ensuring that each and every detail was verified before submitting the application.

With our complete end-to-end service, our team’s knowledge and experience of the application process has now once again been rewarded with this fruitful outcome as Tech Nation was very happy to add Murali to its’ successful Global Talent (stage 1) visa endorsement applicants, and moreover, confirmed that his details had met the criteria for Exceptional Talent.


"T1 Digital team under Navin is a team of highly professional consultants. They are not documentation assists, rather a cohort of professionals who are highly disciplined, well structured and work closely with the applicant in the process. From initial discussion, to full consultation and the awesome support - the T1DC team ensures that the documentation process, which is hectic, goes smoothly and meets Tech Nation standards."

"I can say that working with T1DC has not only helped me with the application process but has also enabled me to gain self-confidence and realize my hidden values. The team can be trusted with 100% confidence, so you won't regret choosing T1DC to help you with your application."

"This is amazing news and one of the life-defining moments. My sincere thanks and prayers to Navin and Team for guiding me through and providing the right advice3"

Senior Digital Commerce Leader

With such an impressive background and as a Master of Business Administration and Management (earnt at the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business), the T1DC team was able to qualify and showcase Murali’s expertise, motivational team attributes and milestones throughout the convoluted application documentation most effectively.

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