FinTech Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer benefits from our unbeatable UK visa endorsement track record

With more than 15 years of expertise in scaling digital businesses, leading innovation initiatives and implementing digital transformation for many organisations, this successful individual is amongst a very rare group of C-suite executives who can proactively build systems, lead teams whilst maintaining a total understanding of starting and growing successful technology businesses that can demonstrate a proven track record.  

Over the past decade, this exceptionally talented digital technology entrepreneur has significantly contributed and pushed the growth of businesses in Nigeria – which is known for being one of the most complex and competitive environments to thrive in – running strategic operations and spearheading revolutionary innovation to keep teams adaptable and systems scalable for changing market demands.

Approval Global Talent UK visa 19 Aug

This high-achieving business development specialist from Lagos, Nigeria engaged T1 Digital Consultants for the full end-to-end UK visa endorsement service and was rewarded with approval upon first application attempt.

Along with his impressive career achievements, this person’s leadership, executive and best practice management, as well as technical skills (for instance: omni-channel architectures, scalable infrastructure, process and data modelling, agile product management and development) – are highly sought after in the United Kingdom’s technology sector, making him an ideal candidate for this particular UK visa endorsement programme.


"T1Digital has a talented team of professionals who provide excellent support and guidance in applying for global talent endorsement."

Mr. Olakunle
FinTech Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer - Nigeria

Thanks to our specialists’ experience and their phenomenal understanding of the process, we were quickly able to tailor the candidate’s application to meet the stringent criteria and ensure that the personal profile showcased this exceptionally talented person most effectively.

We are very proud to have delivered this positive result and look forward to seeing this individual thrive in the UK’s digital technology space!

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