Successful UK Innovator Visa Endorsement for a FinTech Entrepreneur

T1 Global team is proud to share our latest successful UK Innovator Visa application, keeping our 100% success rate for Startup and Innovator Visas!

Mr. Archit Tiwari engaged with our business plan specialists to discuss a new concept that he thought would be viable, scalable, attractive and innovative for the UK’s booming digital economy.

Mr. Tiwari is a serial entrepreneur with a deep passion for solving challenging problems in challenging markets and creating durable value. He has over 15 years of experience in sectors as diverse as banking, e-commerce, healthcare, food-tech and Fintech. Worked in 6 countries across 3 continents with some of the world’s largest organizations such as Amazon, HSBC, and Olam International.

Mr. Tiwari has founded 3 entrepreneurial ventures to date and has been successful as a corporate entrepreneur, having started multiple multi-million USD businesses from scratch.

The new business model is looking to build upon prior business concepts, which were successful, specifically one in the fintech sector. It is essentially a digital product that offers import and export businesses an ability to mitigate risk and access cross border trade financing.

The UK’s new Innovator visa is particularly relevant to unique entrepreneurs who wish to establish their business in the UK.

There are of course numerous criteria that must be met to qualify for endorsement (for instance, CEFR Level B2 in English), however our brilliant team is exceptionally well versed in the process of business plan development and can offer invaluable relevant guidance.

Following discussions with our dynamic business development team members who provided advice throughout the process, and with Mr. Tiwari’s inspiring business plan properly documented, the application was then submitted to the endorsing body who promptly approved the application.


"I am grateful to Navin and his entire team, who are a highly skilled group of experts with the expertise, insight, and experience needed to assist Innovator endorsement applications. Thanks."


Of course, we are very proud of this result and hope to see Mr. Tiwari’s new business being used by inclusive and diverse teams from the United Kingdom and all over the world very soon.

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