Innovative Digital Solutions Architect from Russia benefits from our specialists' due diligence and expertise

An innovative Digital Solutions Architect in Saint-Petersburg, Russia initially reached out by email to enquire about the UK’s Global Talent Visa, motivated in part by the rapidly growing tech sector in the United Kingdom. Alexander’s prolific skillset includes Python, C++, C#, Git, OOP/OOD, TDD and Agile/SCRUM. He also has a significant background in enterprise system design, algorithms, integrations and version control systems.


Alexander felt confident that his PhD in Computer Science combined with the prestige of the career credentials that he had obtained should qualify for a Global Talent visa endorsement, but following a rejection from the first application, he expressed concern over how time-consuming it might be to develop complete and accurate documentation that would be approved. His workflow also presented obstacles, as he kept a very full schedule that could be as dynamic as it was busy. So, with it being difficult to find the time to focus on the paperwork, and to avoid a single inaccuracy that could result in a second rejection – this highly skilled software and application developer did not want to waste a single moment more.


Like many senior-level leaders involved with software design, team management and architecture solutions, Alexander had a progressive work schedule and a propensity for modestly describing his own accomplishments. He could therefore relax and focus on his other priorities and plans, whilst our team thoroughly reviewed the application documents, ensure their impeccability, and hone in on Alexander’s top-flight expertise that would have a significant impact. Our visa endorsement application specialists provided guidance throughout the entire documentation process, assisting with particular sections and optimising Alexander’s profile.


Thanks to our due diligence and years of experience, the second Tech Nation visa endorsement application was approved without issue, and Alexander has since been able to advance his career status within a global multi-billion dollar company in the healthcare sector.


Alexander recently reached out to us again, excitedly informing us that he had already received his BRP (Biometric Residence Permit), and attributes the smoothness of this transition and the time our team saved him to the quality of our work.


"I have been endorsed by Tech Nation and have got my permit card already! You've saved me so much worry. Thank you for your help!"

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Digital Solutions Architect & Computer Scientist

Due to recent legislation changes, the opportunities to obtain Global Talent visas has become extremely competitive and we are receiving many enquiries from people just like Alexander, whose applications are rejected.

If you’re not well versed in the process, or if you don’t quite have the confidence to complete the documents to meet the expectations of the endorsement bodies and the Home Office, get in touch with us today: