Global Talent Visa Endorsement for an Ad-Tech leader

We are extremely proud to announce that we received UK’s Global Talent Visa endorsement from Tech Nation.

Mr. Sabarish Pillai, a Global Vice President for Programmatic solutions with over 12+ years of experience in the ad-tech and digital ecosystem, with a thorough understanding of digital advertising, both offline and online. Mr. Pillai is a proficient digital technology specialist with seniority in building and executing programmatic strategies. He is responsible for handling complete global programmatic business for platforms like PDOOH (Programmatic Digital Out of Home), mobile in-app, desktop, connected TV and OTT (Over The Top).

Outside of his work, he has been an active speaker, mentor in digital technology and programmatic advertising, conducts seminars and sessions for the college graduates who are about to pass out and enter a new phase of digital career.

During the free discovery calls that we offer, we reassured Mr. Pillai that with our unique process and structured approach we can put together a strong case arguing that he has the necessary business/technical skills to grow and scale-up technology companies in the UK. As he believed that he would benefit from our team’s years of experience, Mr. Pillai put our specialists to work on his application straight away.

Our teams’ “professional and effective approach” as well as in-depth knowledge of the criteria, complicated paperwork, trusted relationship with numerous endorsing bodies and end-to-end process, we were able to assist Mr. Pillai in obtaining his visa endorsement for the Global Talent category within a matter of weeks.


"I'd want to express my gratitude to Navin, Camilla, and Suhas for their outstanding assistance in obtaining a favorable endorsement for my Global Talent Visa. I'm amazed with their professionalism and the fact that they're constantly there to help with any questions. The documents were strengthened and valued more as a result of Navin's finishing touch. They know what they're doing, and as a candidate, you should have faith in them and delegate authority to them because "they are truly the experts."
T1 Digital Consultants comes highly recommended for all of their services, especially the Global Talent Visa. All the best to you!"


Now that Mr. Pillai has the Tech Nation Global Talent Visa, he can move to the United Kingdom soon. Of course, we wish Mr. Pillai all the very best on his journey and look forward to seeing him develop his much-desired technical talents.

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